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Welcome to the Real-time Embedded Systems Lab

Our research and teaching interest, over the past years, has been centered in software and systems aspects of real-time embedded applications. Real-time embedded systems have been one of the foci of growing interest in science and engineering disciplines. They have emerged as intelligent controllers in many large-scale infrastructure networks and coordinated subsystems on which our society and daily lives depend. The application domains include communication, transportation, medical instrumentation, process control, networks of embedded sensors, and aerospace applications.

Our research course is to explore scientific principles and technology to renew the development approaches for real-time embedded software and systems of a broad range of applications, including effective analysis, design, and development methods and tools to meet the system requirements and application characteristics.

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Our Research
Our Goal
We do research on  Real-time Java, Embedded Software and Systems, Smart homes, and so on...
To build reliable real-time embedded system, contribute computer engineering community and make our future better.

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